Experience unrivalled safety and protection with the newly armoured 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser GR-Sport, exclusively by Patriot Armor. Our dedication to safeguarding lives and assets has led to the creation of this extraordinary armoured vehicle.
Key Features:
  • Level BR6 Protection: Built to withstand ballistic threats, the Land Cruiser GR-Sport is armored to BR6 specifications, ensuring the highest level of security for you and your passengers.
  • 360-Degree Full Cabin Protection: Patriot Armor provides comprehensive protection, enveloping the entire cabin with advanced armor materials, safeguarding against unforeseen dangers from every angle.
  • Precision Engineering: Our armor installations are executed with precision using laser CNC cutting and AutoCAD design, ensuring a seamless fit and maintaining the vehicle's integrity and aesthetics.
  • Run-Flat System: Count on the Land Cruiser GR-Sport's run-flat tire system to keep you mobile even after sustaining tire damage, allowing you to reach safety in any situation.
  • Brake System Upgrades: Enhanced braking capabilities guarantee precise control and stopping power, enhancing the vehicle's overall safety profile.
  • Advanced Armor Protection System: Patriot Armor incorporates cutting-edge armor technology to provide superior protection without compromising the vehicle's performance or comfort.
Your security is our top priority, and Patriot Defense PH is proud to offer this exceptional armored 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser GR-Sport, setting a new standard for safety and style on the road. Trust in Patriot Armor for peace of mind, no matter where your adventures take you.