The Mitsubishi Strada 2.4L GL 2WD MT is a workhorse pickup truck designed for functionality and affordability. Here's a breakdown of what we can expect based on information available in the Philippines market:


  • 2.4L DOHC 16-valve clean diesel engine for reliable power


  • 5-speed manual transmission for a more engaging driving experience and potentially better fuel efficiency compared to the automatic transmission


  • 2WD (rear-wheel drive) for efficient highway cruising and better fuel economy than 4WD variants


  • Likely shares similar features to higher trims like chrome door handles and side mirrors, but confirmation is needed since GL is the base trim
  • Steel wheels


  • Fabric seats
  • Basic sound system
  • Manual air conditioning
  • Fewer comfort and convenience features compared to higher trims
Overall, the Mitsubishi Strada 2.4L GL 2WD MT is a back-to-basics option for those who prioritize a functional and fuel-efficient truck for daily hauling and commuting. It offers a good value for the price tag, especially for those who don't need the extra features of higher trims.
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